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sept 08

Biennale Media City Seoul, KR
curated by Andreas Broeckmann

oct 08

"Nuit Blanche", Hotel de Ville, Metz , FR
curated by William Schumann

oct 08

Moma Zendai , " eLandscapes "
Shanghai , CN
curated by Richard Castelli

dec 08

S.M.A.K Ghent , BE

feb 09

Artefact 09, STUK Leuven, BE
curated by Pieter-Paul Mortier
supported by Groep T

march 09

"The Games is Up", Vooruit , BE
curated by Eva de Groote

march 09

Lille 3000, Gare Saint Sauveur, FR
curated by Paz Aburto Guevara

Next Personal Exhibition :

oct 09

Wood Street Galleries , Pittsburgh , US
Curated by Murray Horne