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"High Voltage/Tension Photographs"

"Photographies à Haute Tension" 1995

"High Voltage/Tension Photographs" (the word 'tension' in French means both voltage and the tension of making them) are technically quite complex.
They are classical slow exposure photographs (1 to 10 hours per picture) of strips of electrical sparks, positioned in an archaic (without computer ...) but nonetheless precise fashion.
These photographs are produced in total blackout. Using preparatory drawings and measurements to give me some spatial guidelines, I gradually reconstitute a three dimensional object by juxtaposing the sparks in space (with the help of ad hoc objects)in front of the camera.

Photography is a means of representing immediately an exact image in perspective. What continues to fascinate me in this simple statement is the status of the photographic space. Shaping photographic space is often a matter of creating a décor, of setting the scene, of creating the lighting, then photographing it. I have tried to approach this space like a sculptor working in his own material: light. These pictures are not so far from a synthetic image, it's the same process but the sparks "warm" the texture of the image, and connect the image with reality as well as my manual mistakes or mind mistakes during the construction....

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