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 "high voltage"
"pieces de monnaie"
"double face" + "ordonner"
 "diapositives" + "demi pas"
 "exploding camera", "digit", "low res cinema"
"pieces de monnaie"

Several of my pieces present coins (for example the performance "Double-face"). These items are used less for their symbolic value than for their capacity to be the boundary between sculpture and image ( bas-relief). I have made a series of fifty twenty-centime coins, perfect copies of real coins, but in perspective. They are laid out on five trays an describe different stages of the rotation of a coin in space or at different distances, where, for example, one coin gradually shrinks to become tiny. Here it is the perspective view which takes on a sculptural consistency; the coins distorted in this way revert simply to being drawings done by rubbing. These rubbings on A4 paper are then pinned to the wall with no further explanation and cause puzzlement in the spectator by being both true and impossible.

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